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AIMsi Point of Sale Software Package for Gun Stores

With all the potential changes happening in current legislative processes, it becomes even more important for Gun, Archery, or Shooting Range businesses to have the right point of sale program. One that not only maintains your inventory and customer database, but also meets the standards and procedures now required by the ATF. Both AIMsi versions, Lite and Pro, are built to give the business owner everything they will need to better serve their clientele and protect themselves with proper documentation.

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Primary Benefits

Key Highlights of AIMsi for Gun & Archery Stores:

  • Complete Electronic Acquisition and Disposition report that meets all ATF requirements.
  • AIMsi tracks all serial numbers; from time of arrival to time they leave your business, plus automatically updates in the Acquisition and Disposition report. AIMsi will not allow a cashier to take a trade-in, sell, or transfer ownership of a firearm without the serial number.
  • Form 4473 auto-populates customer information
  • Multiple range types and range functions are easily handled, including class scheduling and billing for lessons (upgrade to AIMsi Pro plus purchase of Lesson/Appointment and Billing add-on module is required)
  • Complete Gunsmith tracking (upgrade to AIMsi Pro plus the Service & Repair Module is required)
  • Consignment, layaway, and trade-ins are tracked
  • Supplier catalogs can be loaded into AIMsi (with AIMsi Active-e B2B services added) for faster ordering, special orders, manufacturer stock levels, and receiving new inventory

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