Festivals and Events

Festivals and special events are one of the largest and broadest categories of events looking for point of sale solutions. Everything from airshows to music festivals, state fairs to barbecue cook-offs. Even with the diverse genres, there are common themes. The primary point of sale concerns include: managing multiple stands across a very large area, interacting with multiple vendors, monitoring customer traffic patterns and spending time on end of day reporting. There are also the standard register requirements like accurately recording sales and being to accept credit cards.

Whether you’re an individual vendor or are running the whole show, let us know about your needs, and we will design a custom solution for you.

Pre-Event Needs Assessment

A 17-minute call with a point-of-sale professional will help you determine which features will benefit your unique business the most.

Custom Point of Sale Selection

Based on the information gathered in the needs assessment, American Metro will create a system that matches your specifications.

Equipment Arrives Ready to Use

Save hours of time and enjoy the convenience of getting a point of sale system that is pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box.

Real-time Reporting

Enjoy watching sales accumulate from the comfort of your chair, no matter where the chair is located.

Inventory Tracking

Stay apprised of stock levels throughout the day so you always have product available for your customers.

Comprehensive Training

Feel confident knowing you will be prepared to operate your register with the help of our many training options: cheat sheets, training videos, phone support and in-person assistance.

On-site Setup and Support

For the ultimate in peace of mind, you can have an American Metro technician on-site to handle the equipment setup, training, support and teardown.

Outdoor POS Solutions for Food, Music and More

A man holding two hula hoops in the air.

Large scale events create some very specific issues and needs. The American Metro System has been designed with these things in mind: multiple point of sale locations throughout large scale venues, high volumes of customers and the critical need for real time data to control the flow of products.

For a specific example of a festival solution, see our case study for:
EAA AirVenture