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AIMsi Point of Sale Software Package for General Retail

AIMsi Software can turn a PC into a point of sale powerhouse. This multi-functional tool handles inventory control, member services, accounting and business applications. With the addition of customizable addons, you can go way beyond just tracking sales. These AIMsi modules offer additional features such as Repair & Service tracking, Lesson Scheduling, Short Term Rentals, Rent and Sales Contracts, Contact Management, Emailing capabilities and a Time Scheduler.

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  • Large POS Touch Screen Design
  • Unlimited Menu Screens
  • All Point of Sale Activity
  • Scan Barcodes-UPC labels
  • Access to Inventory availability and pricing while in POS
  • Accounts Receivable and Full Inventory Control
  • BarCode Labeling (requires specific barcode label machine)
  • Automatic discounts applied for specified sale dates and inventory category
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Internal Gift Card sales and tracking
  • SeasonPassSales and Tracking
  • Package Tracking with usage and balance
  • Leagues-Clubs-Tournament Pool tracking and prize disbursement
  • Invoicing or House Charge System
  • Keep Bar Tabs (for league nights, special events, Corporate Outings)
  • Security Level Access by Operator
  • Reports by Date Range
  • Full Customer Database and History
  • Taxable and Tax-Exempt line items on the same invoice
  • Unlimited Payment Tenders per Sales Transaction
  • Suspend & Recall Sales Transactions
  • Accept Tips similar to a Restaurant environment*

(Available only with specified integrated credit card processor)

  • Timed or Price Preset Range Stations
  • Built-in Tee Sheet

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