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AIMsi Point of Sale Software Package for Golf Courses

AIMsi has become the popular choice for golf courses across the country because it is cost-effective, powerful, and continues to evolve as a software application.

Since 1985, American Metro has been passionate about working with the golf industry. From our first custom programmed system installed at Manitou Ridge in 1989, to our deep involvement with GreenKeeperPro from 1998 to 2008, leading up to the next generation in golf point of sale software, AIMsi (or E-golf), American Metro will always be striving to provide the best software, hardware and customer service to the golf industry.

When AIMsi was first developed, it was primarily for retail businesses. Bike, music, and vacuum shops at first.  It was later branched out to include hobby shops, liquor stores, apparel stores, bakeries, and consignment stores. In 2008, American Metro approached AIMsi’s developer, Tri-Technical Systems, to build a point of sale software that included all the great features of AIMsi, but with an emphasis of working for golf courses.

Golf courses generally are considered to be very different than most retail businesses. This greatly depends on how involved the facility is in the running of leagues and tournaments, membership and customer database management, and of course full inventory control to maintain the products in the pro shop.

With hard work, starts and stops, and the continued input of current AIMsi golf course users, the latest version of E-Golf has proven to be a very powerful and robust point of sale software. It is capable of handling vast amounts of data and creating reports, giving a clearer picture of how your golf operations are running.

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What does AIMsi provide as a golf software program?

  • Large POS Touch Screen design
  • Unlimited Menu Screens
  • All Point of Sale Activity
  • Capability to Scan all variety of UPC bar codes
  • Accounts Receivable and Full Inventory Control
  • Access to Inventory Maintenance and Price changes while in the POS
  • Integrated, PCI compliant, Credit Card Processing
  • Built-in internal gift card sales and tracking
  • Package or Macro buttons (multiple items with a single price, broken into separate classifications on the reports page)
  • League-Club-Tournament Pool entry, tracking and prize disbursement
  • Invoicing and House Charge System
  • Dining room, Lounge, and Bar Tabs
  • Full Customer/Member database and history
  • Taxable and Non-taxable line items on the same invoice
  • Unlimited payment tenders per sales transaction
  • The ability to suspend and recall transactions (think of the customer who forgets their wallet in their bag or car)
  • The ability to accept tips after the original transaction has posted (this is exactly like a restaurant environment and only available with specific credit card processors that integrate with AIMsi)
  • Over 200 reports with date range capability. All reports can be exported into Excel or PDF files and e-mailed to the controller, accountant, or business owner.
  • Built-in Time Clock and Time Maintenance Program
  • Built-in General Ledger Program
  • Timed or Pre-set Range Stations
  • Built-in Tee Sheet

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