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Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

America’s top pitmasters come together every June for two of the most delicious days of summer in New York City. As the park and adjoining streets are filled with the unmistakable heavenly smell of BBQ, people are drawn in from all around to be a part of this amazing event.

Admission, great music and that gotta-have-one aroma are all free. Each plate of the best BBQ available anywhere is set at a modest amount. Collecting this money in a fast and accurate fashion can prove to be a challenge. Serving over 120,000 people during the two day event is a workout for even the best pitmasters, especially considering that most people eat more than once.

Event Details

Getting people through the line in a hurry used to be one of the biggest challenges at this event. Here’s where the Event Rental Team from American Metro could help. The request was one we hear a lot. We need three things: 1) Faster cash registers; 2) Support with the cash registers; 3) Cash registers that are easy to use.

Each pitmaster’s stand now has at least four cash registers. Two or more for the general public and two dedicated strictly to the “Fast Pass” lane, equipped to handle pre-paid punch cards. Fast Pass also grants access to shorter, faster lines.

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