• ER-350II

Sam4s ER-350 II Electronic Cash Register

A low cost ECR with fullsize ECR features. You will appreciate the convenience of price lookups. PLUs track fast-moving items with the assurance of accurate pricing. Accounting is a breeze with daily and period-to-date reports while hourly reporting helps you plan for busy or slow times.


  • Fast 4.5 Lines per Second Print Speed
  • 10 Clerks
  • 3 Tax Tables
  • 300 Preset or Open Price PLUs
  • 8/16 Programmable Departments
  • Single Station Dot Matrix Printer Accepts 1 or 2-Ply Paper
  • 10 Character Department and PLU Descriptors
  • 26 Character, 5 Line Programmable Receipt Message
  • Programmable Management Controls
  • PLU, Department, Hourly Sales, and Period-to-Date Reports

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Primary Benefits

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use cash register that focuses on simplicity, the ER-350II is for you. A raised key machine with a modest 8 buttons that automatically calculates tax. Departments can be programmed with descriptions up to 10 characters.

While most registers have converted to thermal printers, this machine still uses ink with a dot matrix printer. This is still preferred in cases where heat lamps are used, and would interact with thermal paper. Traditional bond paper also can be used when duplicate receipts are needed. In that instance, 2-ply white/canary is available.


Display – Front:  Blue Fluorescent Display, 10 Digits

Rear:  Pop-Up Turret Display, 10 Digits

Printer:  SAM4s SDM-310

Printer Speed:  4.5 Lines Per Second

Paper Roll:  2-1/4″ (58mm) 1 or 2 Ply Paper

Inking Supply:  ERC-39 Ribbon Cartridge

Dimensions – ECR:  12 1⁄2″W x 151⁄2″D x 6 3⁄4″H  (318mmW x 394mmD x 172mmH)

Drawer:   15 3⁄4″W x 17 3⁄4″D 4 3/8″H  (400mmW x 451mmD x 112mmH)

Weight:  17.65 lbs. (8 kg) Approx.

Power Requirements:  117 V AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:  25 Watts

Operation Temp.:  32°F–104°F (0°–40°C)

Humidity Range:  10% to 90% RH

Memory Protection:  Full Charge For 24 Hours Will Protect Memory For Approx. 90 Days


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