• ER-5215M Electronic Cash Register

Sam4s ER-5215M Electronic Cash Register

The next register in the Sam4s 5200 series is the 5215M. A heavy duty, easy to operate, commercial grade cash register. With all the functionality of a 5200M, this register features a more compact, configurable 5-15 button keyboard. Perfect for those who want a continual journal of all transactions. The two on-board printers run receipt and journal tapes simultaneously.

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Primary Benefits

The ER-5215M is a 5-15 department raised keyboard cash register with the standard features found on most Sam4s registers such as 2 reporting levels, thermal printer, and LCD display. But where this register starts to shine is in the versatility of peripherals. The two RS-232 serial ports enable a variety of options to connect such as a barcode scanner, kitchen printer, scale, pole display or integrated credit card processing. This connection also provides a means of programming and reporting through a PC software.

With the help of a PC link, you can take full advantage of the 10,000 programmable PLUs, making it a snap to set product descriptions of up to 18 characters, assigning groups, and setting a graphic logo.


Display – Front: 2-Line Alpha-Numeric Backlit Liquid Crystal Operator Display
Display – Rear:  Pop-Up Turret Display, 10 Digits

Printer:  Shin-Heung STM-210

Printer Speed:  13.3 Lines per Second

Receipt and Journal:  32 Column

Paper Roll:  2 1/4″ (58mm) x 80mm

Dimensions – ECR: 14 3/4″W x 171/4″D x 81/4″ (375mmW x 438mmD x 210mmH)
Dimensions – Base:  15 3/4″W x 173/4″D x 43/8″H) (400mmW x 451mmD x 112mmH)

Shipping Weight:  40 lbs. (18.16 kg) (ECR and Cash Drawer)

Power Requirements:  120V AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:  Approx. 25 Watts

Operation Temp:  32°F ~ 104°F (0° ~ 45°C)

Humidity Range:  30% to 80% RH

Memory Protection:  Full Charge For 24 Hours Will Protect Memory For 60 Days


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