• exadigm XD2000

Exadigm XD2000 Credit Card Terminal

Through American Metro, the ExaDigm XD2000 puts one of the easiest-to-use credit card processing units in your hands. Using an intuitive PC-based Linux operating system, all the functions of this powerful machine follow a straight forward menu system. This ensures that interaction with the processor is fast and efficient.

The same rapid speed is found when processing transactions. The XD2000 features interchangeable modems capable of Ethernet, WiFi, CDMA. GSM, Bluetooh and Dial connections, making it extremely versatile while providing an industry standard in security.

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Primary Benefits

Additional features include:

  • Compact and lightweight (3.75″ x 10.38″ x 3.75″ and weighs only 25 oz)
  • Active wide bandwith services
  • Extended life lithium ion battery
  • Drop and load, full-size thermal receipt printer
  • Backlit numeric keypad
  • Modular design to avoid redundancy
  • Highly secure 1024-bit SSL encryption
  • Validated payment application for cardholder protection

For more information on the Exadigm XD2000, download the product borchure using the link below


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