Sam4s ER-265 Electronic Cash Register

While it is one the most economical register we provide, it is also powerful, versatile, reliable and easy to use. The 15 item keyboard is perfect for smaller inventories or instances where tracking groups of products is more advantageous than each individual product.

  • Fast 58mm Single Station Thermal Printing
  • Flat Spill-Resistant Keyboard
  • Fifteen Programmable Departments
  • 1,000 Preset or Open Price PLUs
  • Three Tax Tables
  • Ten Clerks
  • Full-Size Heavy Duty Cash Drawer


Thermal Printing

With thermal printing, there’s no ink to worry about, ever.  Paper for this machine in printed by heat transferred by the printer meaning no mess for you or the customer.

Spill Resistant Keyboard

While you may not be able to watch over your cashiers every minute of the day, you can prepare for the unexpected. The keyboard on this register is spill resistant and ready for that next bar fight or wet t-shirt contest.

15 Programmable Departments

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