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mBox Wireless Credit Card Modem

Gathering sales data from your point of sale system has just become easier and more affordable than ever. Introducing the mBox Wireless Credit Card Processing Modem. This revolutionary device is coupled with Sterling Bridge, an integrated reporting technology that automatically sends sales data to a secure, online portal accessible anywhere with internet access. Whether data is coming from a single location, or gathered from systems set up across the country, get the report numbers you need as they are generated. This type of reporting, once reserved for expensive PC-based systems, is now included as part of the standard wireless system rental from American Metro.

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Primary Benefits

Save Time & Money with Sterling Bridge Online Reporting

  • Instant access to sales reports from home, office, etc.
  • Save stand manager’s time by eliminating need to run reports and call in, fax in, phone in or deliver hard copy numbers.
  • No additional hardware required when getting the standard register with integrated credit card package.

Additional features include:

  • Quick and easy connection to cash register
  • Military-grade construction for durability
  • Cellular coverage on the Verizon network
  • Real-time data tracks up-to-the-minute sales figures

For more information about the mBox and online reporting, download the product flyer using the link below.


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