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Mall Kiosks

Seasonal Mall Kiosks

The following scenario might sound familiar to someone opening a mall kiosk, looking for a cash registers/point of sale system.

Go to one of the “Super-Store” wholesale clubs. Wander around between the TVs and car stereos where they keep the selection of three cash registers. Guess at which one is best for you, because the 16 year old working there can barely figure out how to open the box. Go home, spend 31 hours studying the programming manual (written in another language) and hope for the best. Then call your bank to set up a credit card account. After signing more documents than you did when you bought your house, you are now ready to give up half your profit every time someone pays with a credit card. You are now ready to set up your kiosk. You plug the register into the power and the credit card terminal into the…where do you plug that thing in? If you have any problems with either (which usually happens with 15 people waiting in line) you call the box opening challenged 16 year old for help or the bank, and after being put on hold for 45 minutes, you get to someone that tells you to call a different number.

There has to be a better way.

Event Details

Event Needs

The decision to run a mall kiosk can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. In the case of selling seasonal items, it becomes even more important when you do 90% of your yearly sales in a span of 4-8 weeks. It’s those times when you need a system that is reliable and easy to use.

Credit card processing is also a major concern. With the number of options out there, you want to make sure you have a plan that is easy to set up, uses the right connectivity, and has a low rate.

The American Metro Solution

Call one of the professionals from American Metro. We will sit down with you and gather the information we need to program the equipment for you. We will teach you how to use your extremely simple-to-operate cash register with the integrated credit card processing. If you do have challenges with any of your equipment, call our hot-line 24/7 and talk directly to someone who knows your equipment inside and out.

  • Work with the professionals
  • The right solution for your needs
  • Complete training and support
  • Very simple to use equipment
  • Custom programming to your specs
  • Extremely fast turn-around
  • Credit cards by phone, internet or wireless
Satisfaction Summary

Working with both individual businesses as well as franchise stores with locations across the country, American Metro has provided full point of sale solutions with credit card processing to meet specific needs.

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