NCC Reflection POS Touchscreen System

NCC Reflection is a point of sale software designed for any situation. This versatile system can be configured for either hospitality or retail applications. It is loaded with features meant to simplify and streamline workflow. This software will enable everything from quick service to delivery options, casual dining to night clubs to meet the demands of their operations.

Designed specifically for the Sam4s line of touchscreen terminals, NCC Reflection can be embedded as a real-time operating system or installed as a program on a Windows platform. This allows for the flexibility to find hardware that is best suited for the particular needs.

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Primary Benefits

Enjoy superior stability of a system with double redundancy. System information is auto-synchronized between all terminals in the network for maximum uptime.

Operational simplicity is inherent in the graphic displays and on-screen guides. Cashier training time is minimal with button and screen layouts that can be customized for efficiency.

Save time on reporting and inventory functions. Sales and product information can be accessed in real time from any station or through a back office PC.

Integrate technologies by tying your system into the web for online ordering. Increase order accuracy with access to saved customer data.


The NCC Software is designed to be used on the any of the following Sam4s Touchscreen Terminal: SPT-4740, SPT-4845, SPT-7540, Titan-150


To download the product brochures for NCC Reflection with each Sam4s terminal.




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