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Pole Displays

If you’re looking for a way to increase communication with customers, a pole display is a great start. Increase accuracy and reduce voids by allowing shoppers to verify items as they are entered. You can choose a two line text display or 7″ full graphic display.

The innovative new SAM4s ML700 7″ Graphic Customer Display is designed to visually promote product, promotions and specials. A slide show runs continuously on the screen above the enhanced customer display. VESA mounting is provided for custom installations. For about the same cost as a standard POS pole display, you can deliver much more. SAM4s graphic displays really do turn heads!

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Sam4s Pole Display

  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display 2 Lines of 20 Columns
  • Adjustable Display Panel For Best Viewing Angle 
  • Adjustable Height and Rotation
  • Self-Test Function
  • User-Defined and International Character Set Standard
  • Includes Appropriate Interface Cable

Sam4s ML700 Graphic Display

  • Large 7″ liquid crystal display.
  • Visually promote products and specials.
  • Like an order confirmation screen, customers can view each item as it is entered or as corrections are made.
  • Visually displaying the entire order promotes accuracy and reduces fraud.
  • Use the slide show configuration like a digital photo frame.
  • Rotatable – choose portrait or landscape orientation.
  • User customizable height from 5-1/2″ to 20″.
  • Images are extremely easy to load.

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