Sam4s NR-510 Electronic Cash Register

The NR-510 is an entry-level offering to the commercial grade level of Sam4s electronic cash registers. It is available with either a 90 button flat keyboard option or a 48 button raised key configuration. With the available memory, the register supports up to 3,200 PLUs, 500 Guest Checks and 100 Mix and Match discounts. Combined with the 3 serial ports to connect a scanner or kitchen printer, this register can work well for restaurants and retail environments.

    • Fast 2.25″ (58mm) Single Station Thermal Printing
    • 15,000 line electronic journal
    • Up to 4 programmable tax rates
    • Menu-based programming
    • Wide variety of reporting options
    • Full-Size Heavy Duty Cash Drawer


Primary Benefits

The NR-510/NR-510R is the first Sam4s entry-level  ECR that incorporates menu-driven programming. No more memorizing codes or scrounging for a manual to add products, change prices or modify system options. Everything you need to know to program the register is displayed right on the screen. The flat key model even has a full alpha keyboard to assist in typing product names and receipt information.

Programming multiple registers is even easier. The built in SD card slot allows you to quickly save a program from one register and load it into another one. This makes expanding your business effortless, and keeps changes consistent across all registers.


Printer type:   Direct thermal, drop-and-load
Printer speed:   15 lines per second
Display – Operator:   192 x 84 dot, Alpha-numeric blue backlit LCD
Display – Customer:   2 line x 16 character Alpha-numeric blue blacklit LCD
Keyboard – Flat:   90 keys / 75 programmable locations
Keyboard – Raised:   48 keys / 32 programmable locations
Ports – Serial:   Two RJ45; One DB9F
Ports – USB:   One USB (Scanner, save/load, PC interface)
Ports – SD:   One SD Slot (Save programs and reports)
Dimensions:   16.5″W x 11.375″H x 16.125″D
Weight:   23.15 lbs. (28 lbs. in box)


Download the product brochure for the NR-510 series with the following link:


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