Sam4s SPT-S260 Stylish POS Terminal with True Flat Touch Screen

The SPT-S260 is a sleek and powerful touch screen terminal. The built-in cooling mechanics eliminate the need for a fan thereby reducing the inner component’s exposure to particulates. The SPT-260 becomes ideal for harsh environments such as pizza shops, bakeries, restaurants, industrial shop floors and more. The cabinetry is available in black or white, and it can be equipped with an optional customer facing display. This makes the SPT-S260 ideal for any counter top.

While the hardware on this unit is virtually identical to the SAP-6600 the difference is found in the operating system. The SPT-S260 can be customized with a variety of Windows platforms, which allows the freedom to load the POS software of your choosing. You have the power and flexibility to find a unique solution.

  • Intel Braswell Celeron N3160 Quad Core 2.24 GHz Fanless Processor
  • 15″ LCD scree with Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT)
  • Energy efficient and low heat generation
  • Adjustable, rear-facing customer display
  • Meets IP55 standards for dust exposure
  • Waterproof front panel is spill resistant

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Primary Benefits

If you are looking for a rugged, dust-proof, spill-resistant terminal with the flexibility to load custom software, the SPT-S260 is for you. This is a commercial grade system that is designed to hold up to harsh environments. The touchscreen is sealed and flat from edge to edge, so the internal components are protected from spills, dust and other airborne particles. It also makes the screen very easy to clean, so you can keep your system running despite sticky or dirty fingers.

The SPT-S260 functions like a tablet, but gains the ability to connect peripherals directly to the terminal. Sometimes Bluetooth has problems staying connected in congested locations, so directly connected printers, scanners, etc. are more stable.


Processor:   Intel Braswell Celeron N3160

Compatible OS:   POSReady 7 / Windows 7 Pro / Windows 10 Pro / Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Display Type:   15.7″ LCD with LED Backlighting
Display Brightness:   Adjustable Up to 250 cd/m^2
Display Resolution:    1024 x 768
Display Touch Panel:   Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT)

Memory – Cache:   2MB
Memory – RAM: 
 4GB SODIMM DDR3L (1600 MHz) Expandable up to 8GB

Memory – Video:   Shared System Memory up to 1.7GB

Ports – Serial:   COM1, COM2 = DB9M with Pin 9 (0V/+5V/+12V)
Ports – Serial:   COM3 = RJ45 Pin 8 Voltage (0V/+5V/+12V) Voltage Selectable in BIOS
Ports – USB:   Six Total – Four V3.0 (Rear I/O) / Two V2.0 (Side I/O)
Ports – Cash Drawer:   RJ12, 12V or 24V Selectable by Switch
Ports – LAN:   One RJ45 10/100/1000 Base-T (Giga LAN)
Ports – VGA:   One DB15F Display Port for Second LCD (Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1200)

Wireless – WiFi:   Compatible with IEEE802.11b/g/n
Wireless – Bluetooth:   v4.0+HS Standard – Backward Compatible with v1.1, v1.2 and v2.1+EDR

Power Supply:   60W, 12V/5A External Power Adaptor 100-240V 50-60Hz

Current/Power Usage:   Approx. 0.18A / 21.6W

Dimensions – Base:   8.5″W x 1.25″H x 10″D
Dimensions – Unit:   14.875W x 14.25″H x 10.375″D / 13.22 lbs.
Dimensions – In Box/Weight:   18.125″W x 18.125″H x 13.125″D / 18.1 lbs.


Download the product brochure for the Sam4s SPT-S260 Series registers with the following link:

SPT-S260 Brochure

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