Sterling SmartECR®

Get more out of your cash register with the new SmartECR credit card terminal from Sterling Payment Technologies. The SmartECR integrates with SAM4s cash registers to provide EMV credit card processing. Now you can reduce your liability while keeping your customer’s data more secure.

Like its predecessor the m-Box, the SmartECR terminal connects the cash register to the online reporting tool, Sterling Bridge.

SmartECR® is a registered trademark of Sterling Payment Systems


Primary Benefits

EMV-Enabled System

  • Accepts multiple payment methods including chip, swipe and NFC methods like Apple Pay
  • PCI certification by the payment processing industry
  • Average processing time is 3 seconds

Sterling Bridge Reporting

  • Financial data is transmitted in real-time
  • Full spectrum of reports by single register or consolidated totals
  • Online access means you can reach your data from any internet-connected device
  • Products can be added, changed or deactivated remotely

Wireless Connectivity

  • Set up shop wherever your business takes you. Perfect for remote locations like outdoor festivals, stadiums, temporary stands.
  • Eliminate long cable runs and simplify troubleshooting

While you may not be able to watch over your cashiers every minute of the day, you can prepare for the unexpected. The keyboard on this register is spill resistant and ready for that next bar fight or wet t-shirt contest.


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