• SPS 2000 touchscreen pos terminal

Sam4s SPS-2000 Touchscreen POS Terminal

As a complete touch-screen point of sale system, the SPS 2000 brings a high-end, easy to use offering to the rental environment. This system mimics many of the features found in more expensive PC based systems, but runs its own proprietary software from built-in flash memory. This setup enables a quick, reliable method of making sales.

The SPS-2000 is ideal for situations where sales are tracked and consolidated across multiple registers. The networking capabilities make generating reports and updating programming information a simple task performed from a single station.

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Like PC-based hospitality POS systems, the SPS-2000 features touchscreen operation – however unlike PC systems, the SPS-2000 has no hard disk drive, running its proprietary built-in application software from on-board flash memory and storing data on non-volatile RAM. This ECR-like design provides significant advantages in speed, reliability, recovery from power interruptions, and can be setup and installed at a lower cost and insignificantly less time than many PC-based POS systems.

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