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Talon Integrated Security System

Security cameras are a great way to increase security as a theft deterrent from both external and internal threats. For protection from threats originating behind the counter, a point of sale system that ties directly into the security cameras could be just the answer you’re looking for.  The benefit of the integration with the register is that the DVR software time stamps all video footage with the transaction information from the register. Every button pressed on the register is indexed and can display the corresponding video. This means that you can search for each instance where the cancel button was pressed, and bring up the section of video beginning any number of seconds before that keystroke. Any suspicious behavior can be instantly identified from the multiple camera angles.

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Primary Benefits
  • Records video of on-site surroundings
  • DVR software provides search capabilities from cash register entries
  • Cameras available as indoor, outdoor, heated and vandal proof options
  • Web access allows authorized users to view footage remotely

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