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U.S. Open Golf Championship

US Open Golf Tournament

Once a year, ANYONE who qualifies for a spot gets to play in our nation’s golf championship. That is why the absolute best are found playing in the U.S. Open. As with most major sporting events, whenever the best get together to compete, there will be a lot of people who want to watch. Crowds follow their favorite player, watching every shot. 

Being huge fans of golf, several of the American Metro staff would be in that group. In fact, it was the 1991 US Open that first launched the American Metro rental division.

Event Details

As it turns out, most of those people get pretty hungry and thirsty too. Serving food to over 50,000 people a day is a monumental task. Consider this: The average attendee visits a concession stand 3.25 times per day. That’s 162,500 visits between 15 concession stands. That’s 10,833 visits per concession stand over a ten hour day. That’s 1,083 people every hour, or an average of over 18 people every minute.

Handling transactions this fast and furious all day long requires some pretty special equipment. There is a fine line between equipment that is extremely fast and easy to use, yet still generates the information critical to managing an event of this size.

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