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Welcome to the American Metro download center. Here you will find several useful point of sale related items you can access. From merchant account applications to register programming software, and even cheat sheets and keyboard templates.

Cheat Sheets

Very few people enjoy reading tedious equipment manuals, especially when time is short. When you’re looking for an abbreviated version of the information you need, we provide cheat sheets. These are sent with each rental and are customized with special instructions when needed. For basic operations and programming functions, we have included cheat sheets for several cash register model.

Register Keyboards

Need to make changes to your keyboard? Download the template for your register as a Word doc. These templates are set to the factory default, so you will likely have to adjust where some buttons are positioned. You also have access to the alpha overlays used when programming descriptors.

When printing these keyboards, be sure to print at actual size, and not fit to page. The button positions will not line up if they are printed other than 100%.


Sam4s ER-265

Sam4s ER-285

Sam4s ER-5100

Sam4s ER-5200

Sam4s ER-650

Sam4s ER-520

Sam4s ER-900

Raised Keyboard – Multi-Platform

Sample Database Formatting

Adding a few products to your register is a simple process. It can get a bit tedious if you have a large amount of items to add, however. To speed things up, many registers are equipped with an accompanying software that can upload an Excel database into the register. Data needs be formatted to work correctly. Sample files have been prepared with the proper formatting.