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Registers/POS Systems

Electronic cash registers and point of sale systems have been our specialty for over 25 years. It’s through that experience and know-how that we are able to offer a variety of POS equipment options that will fit your needs. With a rental fleet consisting of over 1,200 registers and terminals, we are the largest cash register rental company in North America. American Metro is an authorized Sam4s dealer, and utilizes this innovative, powerful and economical brand as the core of our rental fleet.

Credit Card Processing

Whether you are running a permanent retail venue, a pop up booth or special event, secure, reliable credit card processing is critical. At American Metro we offer a wide variety of credit card processing options whether you need integrated or stand-alone, dial-up, high speed or wireless. All processing is backed by premium, 24/7 service so you get the maximum amount of up time, and expert help in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

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Point of Sale Software

Our collection of point of sale software and apps make it easy for you to focus on the details that help you run a successful business. These packages come ready for use on PC based systems, iPads or other tablets, or can be embedded on specially designed touchscreen POS terminals. The feature sets vary by software, so we can help find a match to what you need, like: time clock functions, inventory control, customer information tracking, specific reporting features, kitchen video display, invoicing, and more.


Beyond a basic cash register or point of sale terminal, there are several additional components you can add to your system. These peripherals can simplify the sales process for cashiers, or enhance the customer experience. You can add cash drawers to accommodate multiple cashiers, barcode scanners for quick item entry, or remote printers to send orders or fulfillment. Kitchen video systems, pole displays, and price checkers are also available to supply increase functionality.

A person using a computer on top of a table.