When you need the services that enhance a POS System, you need American Metro.

Let’s be honest. There are plenty of places where you can buy a cash register or POS system. If you are looking for a partner that is easy to work with, and offers all the extra services that should accompany your system, where do you look? When you need more than just a point of sale system, you need American Metro.

You deserve a company with more expertise when looking at hardware options. You deserve the convenience of being able to combine credit card processing in one place. Your time is important enough to expect programming assistance. You deserve the flexibility to access reports on your schedule. You deserve personal attention in all aspects of the process.

American Metro is the largest point of sale rental company in North America. Our primary goal is to make everything related to your system as easy as possible. It’s selling. Made simple.

Customer Satisfaction Levels

This is how our current customers rate our services. We’re proud of how we have been able to be there for our customers, and we look forward to bringing the same great customer service to your company as you join the team.

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Short and long-term rental options give you the opportunity to benefit from a POS system without a large investment. Rent for as little as a single weekend or set up a month to month lease.

American Metro credit card processing is a two-step process: the right POS unit to handle the transactions, and the transmission of your critical data for processing. Processing is managed through an American Metro merchant account.

You are going to love the instant access to sales data. You can watch your sales totals climb in real time. View data at individual registers, consolidate multiple locations, sort by date range, export to Excel.

Stay up to date on inventory levels with InSight inventory management software. The simple graphic interface allows you to quickly identify when products reach low and critical levels.

If venturing into the realm of point of sale seems daunting, you can feel at ease knowing a point of sale professional can accompany the equipment. They will handle all the details surrounding the rental.

In everything from preparing registers for cross country transportation, to ensuring all your questions are answered about how to use your equipment, you can be sure you will receive personal attention.


Do you have existing equipment that needs updating or fixing? Our service department can reprogram your register when you need an update or repair components that have broken down.