There is a certain piece of mind that comes from knowing a task is being completely taken care of by someone who knows exactly what needs to be done. Time constraints are a real issue and unfamiliarity causes stress. At American Metro, we design point of sale solutions that address those concerns. Our systems are as easy to use as possible and come with clear instructions for setup and operations. For the times that cheat sheets and other documentation only go so far, some in-person support is always appreciated. That is where Onsite Support Services can make the unfamiliar, worry-free. As those who have worked large scale events know, time is a precious thing. Now you can maintain peak efficiency by focusing on the things that matter most to you, and American Metro will take care of all the point of sale related stuff.

  • Setup

  • Training & Support

  • Teardown

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When the registers arrive via truck line, they are in plastic tubs, wrapped up on a pallet. With the onsite team in place, they perform everything needed to get the system up and running, including: 

  • Distributing the containers to each designated location
  • Placing all components on the counter or table
  • Connecting all cables for peripherals and network
  • Plugging in power cords to supplied power boxes
  • Taping down any cords or cables that run along the ground
  • Running one more system test to verify programming is correct and credit card connectivity
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Not only will you find it easier to keep calm with the onsite team providing support, but your cashiers and managers will be more confident as well. When they are operating quickly and efficiently, customers are happier because they are spending less time in line. It also means you have the capacity to make more sales per hour. But what else do you get:

  • Custom training session where cashiers can use the equipment and ask questions
  • Support during the event for other questions that arise
  • The option to make programming changes and price adjustments as needed
  • Help performing tasks you may not want the cashiers doing themselves, like discounts and returns
  • Dedicated person to run reports at the end of the day
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Wouldn’t it be nice if after the last customer checked out, you could just close the doors and go home. Those in the event industry know things work a little differently. There is a lot to take down and pack up after an event wraps up. Why not let the onsite event team take the responsibility of packing the registers. They will:

  • Securely pack each unit and verify all pieces are accounted for, so you don’t have to worry about missing any equipment or it breaking in transit
  • Palletize and shrink wrap the tubs in preparation for transport
  • Schedule a truck to pick up the pallets and return them to American Metro

FAQs about Onsite Support

Of course. Many events we work with have us onsite for the setup and the first day of sales.

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