The Country’s Friendly Neighborhood Point of Sale Resource

No matter where in the country you make sales, you are considered our neighbor. And neighbors are there to provide help when needed. We provide the same devotion to helping our customers. Our event support includes a combination of documentation, video training, phone support and on-site attention, so you will be prepared for running the registers.

To prepare the systems for travel, we take every precaution possible to make sure it arrives intact. All the equipment we use is commercial grade, designed for durability, so it continues to function in even harsh event conditions. You will also receive an appropriate amount of backup units, just in case something goes awry. It is packed in sturdy plastic containers and shrink wrapped securely on pallets. These pallets are then shipped across the country using an LTL truck line.

When the event is over, we arrange for a truck to pick up the registers for the return trip. All that needs to happen, is for the equipment to be packed up and shrink-wrapped to the pallets again. If you opt to have us on-site, we take care of that as well.

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of the events we work with occur in another state
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