American Metro is no stranger to supplying point of sale equipment to sporting events. In fact, it was because of the 1991 U.S. Open at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, MN that the Metro Rental Division came into being. Since that time, American Metro has provided cash registers, credit card equipment and point of sale systems to hundreds of sporting events to provide solutions for their ticketing, concession and merchandise needs.

The key component to making vending for sports successful is speed.  No one wants to be stuck in line when there’s a risk of missing a game changing play, so the best way to keep your customers happy is by helping them get back to the action. There are 3 things that can make all the difference when it comes to pleasing the masses.

Preparation, Confidence & Reliability

1 – Preparation:

Making sure you have the right equipment at the right quantities to keep lines moving is a necessity. Analyze your point of sale needs and be sure to factor in things like expected attendance, high traffic bursts, physical store/stand layout, etc. to make sure you run at peak efficiency. Another aspect of being prepared includes ensuring each unit is programmed and ready for sales upon arrival.

2 – Confidence:

The biggest factor in maintaining a smoothly flowing checkout experience is centered on the cashier. The cashier needs to be familiar enough with the system to quickly process orders as they come in. This is achieved with a combination of having user-friendly equipment, thorough training, back-up reference guides and professional support. With a comprehensive system like that in place, your cashiers will feel like experts.

3 – Reliability:

Once the systems are in place and the staff is ready to go, the final hurdle to overcome is downtime. To keep downtime to a minimum, have professional technicians perform regular maintenance on each piece of equipment. Thermal, drop and load printers reduce paper jams and paper refilling time. With state-of-the art communications technology, we can create a network to assure your equipment is continually running smoothly. Together, this makes for a consistently reliable experience.


A 17-minute call with a point-of-sale professional will help you determine which features will benefit your unique business the most.


Based on the information gathered in the needs assessment, American Metro will create a system that matches your specifications.


Accept credit cards in any situation: WIFI, high speed Ethernet, or wireless cellular connectivity.


Save hours of time and enjoy the convenience of getting a point of sale system that is pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box.


Enjoy watching sales accumulate from the comfort of your chair, no matter where the chair is located.


Stay apprised of stock levels throughout the day so you always have product available for your customers.


Feel confident knowing you will be prepared to operate your register with the help of our many training options: cheat sheets, training videos, phone support and in-person assistance.


For the ultimate in peace of mind, you can have an American Metro technician on-site to handle the equipment setup, training, support and teardown.

Score some major points with your customers at your sporting event

Row of merchandise including t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts displayed on a wall under a sign reading "official merchandise.

Large scale sporting events create some very specific issues and needs. The American Metro System has been designed with these things in mind: multiple point of sale locations throughout large scale venues, high volumes of customers and the critical need for real time data to control the flow of products.

For a real life example of a sports point of sale solution in use, check out our case study:
U.S. Open

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