POS Solutions for Fireworks Stands

The 4th of July is cause for celebration. Our country sets aside a day to celebrate our nation’s independence. Now you can celebrate how much easier selling fireworks can be. American Metro is offering a complete Point of Sale rental package designed to make sales at fireworks stands faster, easier and more accurate than ever. Ready for sales right out of the box, you get equipment that is pre-programmed, simple to set up and remarkably easy to use. The package includes a Cash Register with build in credit card reader, a Barcode Scanner and a Wireless Credit Card Modem, delivering you the biggest BANG for your buck!

Pre-Event Needs Assessment

A 17-minute call with a point-of-sale professional will help you determine which features will benefit your unique business the most.

Durable Point of Sale Selection

Environmental conditions for many outdoor fireworks stand and tents can be unpredictable and sometimes harsh. The registers we choose for outdoor  locations are heavy-duty, commercial grade machines. The credit card modems are also designed for continual operations in adverse conditions.

Credit Card Processing for Any Connectivity

Accept credit cards in any situation: standard phone line, high speed ethernet or wireless cellular connectivity.

Equipment Arrives Ready to Use

Save hours of time and enjoy the convenience of getting a point of sale system that is pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box.

Real-time Reporting

Online reporting through Sterling Bridge is the perfect way to streamline end of day procedures. Enjoy watching sales accumulate from the comfort of your chair, no matter where the chair is located.

Inventory Tracking

Stay apprised of stock levels throughout the day so you always have product available for your customers. Adding InSight Inventory Management software gives you an easy to use PC and tablet accessible way to view and transfer product.

Comprehensive Training

Feel confident knowing you will be prepared to operate your register with the help of our many training options: cheat sheets, training videos, phone support and in-person assistance.

24-Hour Technical Support

For the ultimate in peace of mind, you can have an American Metro technician on-site to handle the equipment setup, training, support and teardown.

fireworks closeup

Fireworks stands can create some very specific issues and needs. The American Metro System has been designed with these things in mind: multiple point of sale locations throughout large scale venues, high volumes of customers and the critical need for real time data to control the flow of products.

For a specific example of a solution created for a convention, check out the case study:
Hometown Fireworks

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