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Cash Register Functions You May Not Know About

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We see a lot of requests for cash register rentals come through and most ask for the same type of information. The basics include providing a product list with prices, tax information and what the receipt header should read. These are all vital to a rental, but there are some additional functions that can make selling easier. These aren’t exclusive to high end systems either. Here are a few available options available on any of the Sam4s registers you might not have known were there.

  • Scanning Capabilities
    Nothing speeds up the checkout process more than a bar code scanner. Scanning a bar code is both faster and more accurate than manually entering prices. If your items don’t have them, we can create custom bar code labels based on your product list.
  • Group Reporting
    We recommend this feature when we see sets of items. Consolidate a large amount of items into groups for quick reference. For instance, in the standard concession stand setup, there may be 10 kinds of hot food, 6 types of snacks, 4 beverages and 3 types of liquor. We set up each group and add it to the end of day report.
  • Clerk Reporting
    If there are going to be multiple cashiers on a single register throughout the day, assigning an individual number to each cashier, and having them log in under that number provides greater accountability.
  • Consolidated Reports
    For rentals with multiple cash registers, we have the ability to network registers and run reports that show the totals from all registers together.
  • PC Poll – POS Software Rental
    Ideal for long term, or multiple component rentals, you can rent a laptop with the point of sale software PC Poll. PC Poll enables you to make and send program changes quickly, run a host of reports and export reports to PDF for Excel format. Best of all this can all be performed remotely through an internet connection. Managing multiple stores from a central location has never been easier.

Our goal is to make selling stuff easy. We will suggest these features and many others when appropriate as part of our event analysis and quote process. When you come to American Metro for your point of sale needs, we will guide you to the solutions that work best for you.


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