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When Point of Sale Failure is Not an Option

Today’s POS systems take on many forms. Large systems are used in department and grocery stores. Many restaurants use sleek and modern touch screen systems. The current industry trend is smaller, simpler and much more mobile. In the event market, simple and mobile are the way to go. It doesn’t make sense to set up complicated and cumbersome systems for an event only lasting a few days; the learning curve is simply too great and the infrastructure too restrictive.

We’ve perfected the balance between fast and simple, and reliable and powerful. Almost any system works pretty well when operating the way engineers designed it. In the special event world, relying on “pretty well” can be risky. There are way too many variables outside your control. What happens when an internet cable gets severed, or a WiFi router gets knocked down, or the cellular bandwidth drops to zero. A failsafe backup isn’t just a good idea, it can be the difference between an event and an “EVENT”!

We witnessed an EVENT last summer. On the first night of a MAJOR music festival, a technical issue at the area’s cell tower caused both Verizon and AT&T networks to crash. All cellular-based equipment stopped working; cell phones were dead. Communications were simply gone. Cash sales continued without incident, but there was no way to accept credit or debit cards without connectivity. To make matters worse, the attendees couldn’t use the ATMs because, of course, those also relied on the cellular networks. The perfect storm of network communications.

You’ve heard it said that “necessity is the mother of invention.” We’ve become real believers in that truth. We vowed never to let our customer be in that position again. In addition to our stand-beside failsafe option, which required additional hardware, our lineup now includes two additional types of systems that keep running even when the connection is lost. This process is commonly referred to as “Store and Forward”. When connectivity is lost, transactions are encrypted and stored locally and then forwarded for processing once connectivity is re-established. These transactions carry a WARNING – If you agree to take credit/debit cards while offline, you run the risk the card may be declined or fraudulent.

Most events will agree that the low percentage of declines is a small price to pay to keep lines moving and fans happy.

Our motto still holds true; “We Make Selling Stuff Easy”. We’ve added part two now as well; “Always Be Prepared for the Unexpected”. Being able to keep selling no matter what, isn’t just a good idea, it’s mission critical.

We understand the effort that goes into creating your event. When the gates open, it’s “Go Time”. “We’ll get back to you on Monday” does exactly no good. That’s why you deserve a solid, reliable point of sale system. When it comes to your event… Failure is not an option!

Your point of sale backup plan is just a call or an email away.

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